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When you need to survive or camp outdoors in the winter, having the right cold weather tent is crucial. A summer tent just can’t handle the colder temperatures and snow load…Continues Below

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Sleeps 3. Insulated. Reduces sounds and light when closed (nearly blackout which is great if you don’t want to be woken up by the sun). Pricey. Heavy..More Information Below

If you need a larger version of this tent for your family have a look at the Six-person versionCrua Loj 6 Tent 

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Sleeps 3. Lightweight.  Reasonably priced. Spacious. Could be better quality (lacks rip-stop technology)..More Information Below

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Sleeps 2. Very Lightweight (suitable for backpacking). Affordable. Excellent quality materials. Fast setup. Some complaints that its too small for 2 people. Some have said it can’t hold a lot of snow (because its not free-standing)...More Information Below

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Sleeps 8. Very spacious. Great ceiling height. Great weather resistance. Top build quality. Waterproof. Very heavy. Pricey. Not designed for mountaineering..More Information Below

Navigating winter tents online can be very confusing. There’s different kinds of cold weather winter tents. Some tents are designed for mountaineering and much harsher winter climates than others.  I’ve searched the internet for the best deals and compiled a list of highly rated winter tents.

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Bonus Winner: Family Sized Tent

You’ll also need to take into account the size of the tent you need. How many family members do you have? If you have a larger family or if you intend to stay in the tent for many days the larger and more expensive tents are a better option. If you plan to camp on a mountain its best to buy the tents that are specifically designed for mountaineering and harsh winters, rather than the tents that are designed for light winter conditions.

Not all winter tents can withstand the weight of heavy snow. You could use some of these tents if you clear the snow frequently from the top of the tent. Some of these tents are also very heavy. Make sure the tent you chose is a weight that you can transport easily. If you’re camping alone or backpacking rather than driving you may want a smaller tent that is lightweight.

For serious survival situations its best to have a few different types of all season tents. If you have one large and heavy tent you can use that to make a base camp. Then you can use ther other smaller backpacking- mountaineering type tents when you need to go on excursions away from base camp to find food and water. If you’re going to be outside for a very long time I recommend the base camp option. Of course, this option isn’t suited for all survival scenarios. If you need to stay on the move and can’t drive or setup a base camp, then the lightweight tents are your best option. I hope you enjoy my report on Winter Tents.







Crua Luxury Winter Tent

3 or 6 Persons option

66 lbs


Black Diamond Eldorado

Two Persons

5.1 lbs

Crua Tri Luxury Winter Tent

Sleeps: 3 Persons

Weight: 66 pounds

Pros: Insulated. Reduces sounds and light when closed (nearly blackout which is great if you don’t want to be woken up by the sun)

Cons: Pricey. Heavy.

The Crua Tri Luxury tent takes my #1 Winner spot for a number of reasons. Its fully insulated, using a double layer and is the only tent on the market with this type of insulation. Not only does it keep you warm and cozy it also blocks noise and light when closed. Its truly a luxurious tent.  Keep in mind that this tent is very heavy so you’ll only want this if you are using a car to get to your camp.  Although this tent is pricey you get a lot of features that aren’t found in any other tents.

If you need a larger version of this tent for your family have a look at the Six-person versionCrua Loj 6 Tent

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Black Diamond Eldorado Mountaineering Tent


Sleeps: 2 Persons

Weight: 5.1 pounds

Pros: Very Lightweight.  Weather protected inner door. Can hold snow loads. Room for taller people. Best in class bomber two pole design.

Cons: Very Pricey. Only holds 2 persons. Set-up takes a while to get used to.

The Black Diamond Eldorado is one of the alpine tents. It takes my #2 Winner position because its very expensive and it lacks the luxury of the #1 Winner. It also only has space for 2 people. This design is great for taller people and for heavy duty mountaineering. Its really best suited to shorter trips. It can handle heavy rain or snow. A great buy overall!






ALPS Mountaineering

3 Persons

8 lbs


Coleman Hooligan 

2, 3, 4 Persons

13 lbs

ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 3 Person Tent

Sleeps: 3 Persons

Weight: 8 pounds

Pros:  Lightweight.  Reasonably priced. Spacious.

Cons: Could be better quality (lacks rip-stop technology).

The ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian is a great reasonably priced winter tent. It can be used in tough winter conditions. At 8 pounds its fairly lightweight but you’ll probably find it hard to backpack with. It takes my #1 Winner for best value because its reasonably priced and is large enough for 3 people. On the downside some people have complained that the design isn’t the best for very high winds.

Coleman Hooligan 4 Person Tent

Sleeps: 4 Persons

Weight: 13 pounds

Pros:  Reputable brand. Can withstand high winds. Great price.

Cons: Not meant for heavy winter weather. Some complaints about quality and leaking in heavy rains. Quite heavy.

The Coleman Hooligan is a quality tent. Its very sturdy tent amazing in high winds. Its not designed for extreme winter temperatures and a large snow load. I included it because depending on where you live this tent may be sufficient for you. If you plan to use it in below freezing temperatures or heavy snow this tent won’t work well. If you live in an area where the winters have light snow and usually aren’t extremely cold, this could be the right tent for you. It takes my #2 Spot simply because it isn’t really a winter tent. You should seal the seams of this tent if you’re planning on being out in the rain for a long time.







ALPS Mountaineering

2 Persons

4.75 lbs


Flytop 3 Tent

2 Persons

5.7 lbs


Geertop Tent

2 Persons

5.73 lbs

ALPS Mountaineering Mystique 2- Person Tent

Sleeps: 2 Persons

Weight: 4.75  pounds

Pros: Very Lightweight (suitable for backpacking). Affordable. Excellent quality materials. Fast setup.

Cons: Only fits 2 people.  Some complaints that its too small for 2 people. Some have said it can’t hold a lot of snow (because its not free-standing)

The ALPS Mountaineering Mystique is great quality and reasonably priced four-season tent. Its compact and lightweight. It has dual doors on each side for added convenience. Its weather sealed and performs exceptionally well in heavy rain. Its designed to withstand snow as well but some people have said it collapses when there’s a lot of snow on it. If you use it in heavy snows just make sure to clear the snow from the roof periodically. Its my pick for #1 Winner because its affordable, has great build quality, and is lightweight. If the area you are planning to camp in is known for heavy snow this may not be the best choice for you.

Flytop 3 All Season  2-Person Tent

Sleeps: 2 Persons

Weight: 5.7  pounds

Pros: Great price. Different colours to choose from. Lightweight. Waterproof. Includes snow skirt.

Cons: Included stakes aren’t the best quality.

The Flytop 3 is a reasonably priced well designed tent. It includes a snow skirt which helps to keep you warm. Its easy to setup. On the downside the stakes that are included can bend so you’ll probably want to order higher quality stakes separately. This tent is so reasonably priced you almost can’t go wrong with it. Its also good for backpacking because its lightweight. Some of the materials aren’t the best quality. For that reason, it takes my #2 Winner position.

Geertop 2-Person 4 Season Tent

Sleeps: 2 Persons

Weight: 5.73  pounds

Pros: Equipped with snow skirt. Easy to setup and switch between winter and summer modes. Includes heavy duty stakes.

Cons: May a bit small for two adults.

The Geertop tent is an excellent all weather tent. Its sturdy and can handle high winds, rain and snow. The snow skirt helps to keep the tent warm in the cold weather. Its very well made, and includes very sturdy stakes. Since its lightweight its good for backpacking. Its easy to switch it between summer and winter modes. On the downside its a bit too small for two adults. There’s also been some complaints about condensation. For those reasons its my #3 Winner. Great value overall!


Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-person Tent

Sleeps: 8 Persons

Weight: 84 pounds

Pros: Very spacious. Great ceiling height. Great weather resistance. Top build quality. Waterproof.

Cons: Very heavy. Pricey. Not designed for mountaineering.

I really love how large and spacious this tent is. If you have a large family or you plan camping for many days this is a great option for you. It has tall ceilings and is very well ventilated. It also includes a gear loft. The Flex-Bow frame can handle high winds and heavy rain. It can also handle some snow but keep in mind it wasn’t designed for mountaineering snow conditions. On the downside, its expensive and hard to transport. If you plan to setup a semi-permanent camp this is a great tent to have in addition to your extreme weather mountaineering tents.  This tent is made from the best of materials and is sure to last you many years.


Having a tent that can be used in all weather conditions is crucial to surviving outside in winter conditions. There are a lot of great options for winter tents and there’s one for everyone’s budget. The type of tent you’ll choose usually depends on how many people you need to accommodate and for how long you plan on being outside. You’ll also need to choose a tent based on its weight because you can’t backpack with a heavy tent. You may want to have lightweight mountaineering type tent as well as a larger heavier tent. That way you can have a large base camp tent that you can backpack away from with the lighter tents if you need to search for food etc. I hope you enjoyed my report on cold weather tents. You’ll also want to make sure you have other portable gear like Portable Water Filters and Portable Stoves. Have a look at my reports on those subjects.

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