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So far we’ve covered the most important resource you’ll need in a survival situation: Water. In my report on Water Filters and Purification I found the best solutions for you. You can have a look at that report by clicking here. The next biggest thing that you need to be take care of is your food supply in an emergency.

I’ve put together the list of the top 5 food kits you can jump straight to the comparison:

Top 5 Survival Food Kits

In this article I’ve found the best long term freeze dried survival food and emergency food rations. You can use these for hunkering down or bugging out. You can also use these kits for camping, hiking and other adventures.

It can be very confusing when looking at these kits because the manufacturers use different portion sizes. There’s also a difference in the longevity of the food. I’ve organized the list by comparing the cost per serving and calories per serving. I’ve also taken into account the shelf life and food flavour. There are some other differences which I list in pros and cons which may make you want to choose a different winner. All of these selections are excellent highly rated choices.

In another report we took a look at the best Bug Out Bags. Some of those include some water and food supplies. But, usually the amount of water and food they include is only good for a few days at most. Have a look at my report on Bug out Bags.

In addition to having a good supply of the freeze dried food supplies you can also supplement your stockpile with other preserved foods like canned fish and meat (spam), and vegetables etc. But keep in mind that these good usually will only keep for 1.5 years to 5 years depending on what is in the cans and the conditions that the cans are kept in (eg. temperature). Keeping these cans at the right temperature is very important.  For a complete guide to Shelf- Stable Food Safety from the  the experts at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) click here.

The great thing about the freeze dried kits is that they have a 25 year shelf life. They’re also super easy to prepare, you just need to add hot water and voila!

For long term emergencies you’ll also want to know how to fish, hunt and grow your own food. We’ll cover those topics in future articles so check back soon. You can also join our Newsletter or by putting your email address in the right side bar of this page. We’ll send you important guides and information to help you and your family prepare for survival scenarios.

Lastly, have a look at this video which shows you how to make Pemmican- a great Native Indian survival meat recipe.


TOP 5 




Shelf Life


Mountain House

30 Years


Wise Food

25 Years


Augason Farms

20 Years


Chef's Banquet

20 Years


Legacy Premium

25 Years


Mountain House Just in Case Classic Bucket

Pros: Fast prep. Easy to transport. Great tasting dishes. 30 Year shelf life! Packaging removes all oxygen to extend lifespan.

Cons: Some complaints about after taste and that the food is too salty. Expensive.

The great thing about Mountain House is just how good the food tastes. They use a special preparation method which is better than other brands. Instead of just mixing freeze dried ingredients they actually prepare the whole meal first and then freeze dry. This results in a better more hearty meal. These meals have a a whopping 30 year shelf life.  They are reasonably priced considering how long the shelf life of the meal kits. This kit contains 12 different meals in sets of two. They’re also great for camping trips. This bucket can feed one person for 3.5 days. An obvious choice for #1 Winner. On the downside the food is quite expensive and you’ll need to buy multiple buckets. This a great premium product.

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Wise Food Company Entrée 60 Serving Food Kit

Pros: Fast Prep. 25 Year shelf life. a lot of servings. Great value and price.

Cons: Could have more meat in the packages.  Could have more flavour. Servings don’t have a lot of calories.

The Wise Food Company 60 Serving kit is an excellent addition to your bug out bags and home hunker down food supply. It includes 60 entree servings. The food packs have a 25 year shelf life. One container has enough servings for 1 adult (2 servings per day) for one month. The serving sizes are quite small so you’ll need more than 2 servings per day. But because this comes in at such a reasonable price you can buy multiple kits for your whole family. Then just add boiling water and enjoy. It takes my #2 winner spot because of the smaller serving sizes and that the flavour isn’t as good as the # 1 winner.

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You can also get the 84 serving gluten free kit which is 3 servings per day for 1 adult for one month.

Wise Food Company 84 Serving Gluten free Food Kit

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Augason Farms 30-Day Emergency Food Supply

Pros: Incredible value. Huge bucket with over 54,000 Calories. Includes meal planner.

Cons: Some dishes don’t taste great. Large and heavy bucket is harder to transport. Only 20 year shelf life.

The Augason Farms 30-day emergency food supply contains 307 servings in 35 food pouches. This allows for 1822 calories per day. It comes with up to a 20 year shelf life! A great buy and a important to have for your bug out bags and your hunker down kit. This would last for 30 days for one person. You can buy multiple bins for your whole family. I really like the amount of calories and food that you get for the price. On the downside the food doesn’t taste that great. Its a good option if you want to save money and don’t mind that its not the most gourmet of the kits on the market. For those reasons it takes my #3 Winner spot. Also, keep in mind that it only has a 20 year shelf life.

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Chef’s Banquet 30 Day Emergency Food Kit

Pros: A lot of calories and food. Great value. Fairly good flavour.

Cons: Pouches are large and not for individual meals (have to cook all or repackage because the pouches don’t seal well). Only a 20 year shelf life. Heavy and hard to transport.

The Chef’s Banquet kit includes 220 servings which provide a whopping 2,1oo calories per day for one person. You can easily feed your whole family with a few of these kits. It comes with 8 different meals.  You really get a lot of calories and food for the price. The flavour of these meals is fairly good although you may want to add some of your own spices. It has a 20 year shelf life.  On the downside the packages are not individual which means once it open its hard to close again and you may not want to cook a full package per time. They can be resealed but some people are saying the seal doesn’t work well. Each pouch contains 30 servings, not very convenient! For those reasons it takes my #4 winner position.

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Legacy Premium Survival Food Storage

Pros: High quality premium meals. 25 year shelf life. Packed with 24,520 Calories. Great flavour. GMO free.

Cons: Pricey.

This bag is designed to give you 72 hours of supplies for 4 people.

The Legacy Premium Food Storage survival food 60, has 60 large servings. The servings are very large coming in at about 2000 calories per day. Its also been voted as one of the best tasting food storage kits. It is GMO Free and has a 25 year shelf life. It takes my #5 Winner position because its quite expensive per calorie. If you don’t mind spending more for better flavours and higher quality ingredients this might be the kit for you.



S.O.S Rations Emergency 3600 Calorie Food Bars

The SOS Food Labs S.O.S Rations emergency 3600 calorie food bars are a great addition to any prepping kit. They are US Coast Guard Approved for 5 years shelf life in any storage climate. They are designed not to make you thirsty which is great if water is scarce. They are Cinnamon flavour and taste pretty good. They are lightweight and easy to transport.

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Its essential to have a food source in survival situations. There are a number of ways to be prepared and to have solid kit. You can build your kit using canned goods as well as having freeze dried options. You can also learn how to make Pemmican. Last but not least its also good to learn how to fish and hunt. With all those bases covered you and your family will be prepared to survive an emergency.

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United States Department of Agriculture (USDA): Shelf-Stable Food Safety