February 27, 2018

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We don’t call ourselves Prepper World for nothing. We love finding the best deals for you on essential gear for survival. Our goal is to save you time and money and to have some fun in the process. All of the reports we write are on excellent quality and fun gear to own! We hope that you don’t ever have to use the gear to survive a disaster, but its wise to be prepared. You can also use a lot of the gear when camping with the family for fun!  The best part about prepping is the sense of security and peace of mind that you will have, knowing that you and your family are prepared!

camp stove

Portable Stoves – From Budget to the Best We’ve found the lowest prices

When it comes to prepping  being able to cook off the grid is essential. In a prepping situation its good to have multiple types of portable stoves so that you can use multiple fuel types. For this reason we include propane, butane, alcohol, and wood burning stoves in this report. A great thing about all this Read more about Portable Stoves …

best bug out bag

Best Bug Out Bags (Emergency Survival Kits) – We found the best deals online today!

When it comes to emergencies, disasters, and survival there are times when you cannot hunker down. When you have to leave your home quickly (bug out) you want to be able to to quickly access ready made bug out bags that have essentials for you and your family to survive on for 72 hours or Read more about Best Bug …

cross bows

Best Crossbows – From Budget to Best – We found the lowest prices

Crossbows can be very useful in survival situations for a number of reasons. They give you the ability to hunt game for food and also can be use for self defence.  Being able to reuse the bolts means you’re not dependent on ammunition. Though you have to use a certain kind of bolt if you Read more about Best Crossbows …

Costco generator

Portable Gas Generators (suitcase/silenced) – We found the best deals online today

Its highly advantageous to also have a a silenced suitcase portable generator for survival scenarios. These generators are truly “Portable”. They are also extremely useful for recreation and camping. These suitcase style generators are as quiet as possible although they are not completely silent.  Relative to normal full size gas generators they are significantly quieter Read more about Portable Gas …

portable solar power

Solar Generators – Must have to save gasoline and generate silent power

Portable Solar Generators are a must have addition to your survival kit. They can be used anywhere to power your devices and they charge and operate silently. You can even couple them to a gas generator to charge it and then use the silent power interchangeably with gas power and wood burning. You can also Read more about Solar Generators …

generators near me

Gas Generators – From Budget to the Best – We’ve found the lowest prices

When it comes to survival most preppers would agree that a gasoline generators are very important. Energy plays a very large part in survival from comfort all the way to surviving in cold weather.  The shortcomings of gas/propane generators are obvious. If you can’t get gasoline or propane (For hybrid generators) they are useless. For Read more about Gas Generators …